Privacy Policy

When you use Daily News websites and applications, various types of personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information about you may become available or be purposefully collected by Daily News and third parties that provide site usage statistics services to us.
Daily News is committed to keeping such data confidential and does not seek to gather any personal information aside from that which allows us to provide you with a quality service, analyse the readability of our own content and functionality of our web and mobile products.

  1. Your email address, as well as other information about yourself (e.g. user name, name, place of residence, phone number) you are either required to fill in or choose to disclose to us if you decide to register at www.dailynews.lk.
  2. Information acquired using cookies stored on your computer or device that allow us to recognize you when you return to an Daily News website (You can use your browser settings to change your privacy preferences regarding the use of cookies)
  3. Any information about yourself you choose to make public when commenting on an Daily News website.
  4. Your list of favourite stories in the event you choose to establish one in your Daily News profile.
  5. Any information about yourself that you choose to disclose through an email sent to us.
  6. Personal information that becomes available to us when you access our content or use our applications through third-party websites and platforms (e.g. social networks)
  7. Your IP address, as well as information about your browser, type of operating system, type of handheld or mobile device you are using to access Daily News websites and applications.
  8. Non-personally identifiable data collected by third parties gathering user-behavior statistics on RT websites for us, which includes information about the location from which our websites are accessed and information about the content viewed.
Daily News websites and applications may contain hyperlinks to websites owned and controlled by third parties. Please be advised that Daily News is not responsible or liable for the privacy policies of such web sources.

  1. To provide you our online content
  2. To personalize your Daily News experience
  3. To receive feedback from you and respond to it
  4. To contact you about anything you may submit to Daily News
  5. To analyse user behaviour in order to improve our web and mobile products
  6. To block attempts to disrupt the work of our websites and applications
  7. To prevent violations of Daily News comment posting rules

We will keep your information confidential except where disclosure is required or permitted by the laws of the Sri Lanka.

Daily News may share personal data in the following cases:

  1. when transfer of personal data is effected upon consent of the owner of the data to have that personal data processed;
  2. when transfer of personal data is required for the administration of justice in accordance with the laws of the Sri Lanka;
  3. when transfer of personal data is required for Daily News or the third parties to exercise their legal rights and interests, or in order to achieve a significant public benefit conditional that it involves no violation to the rights and freedoms of the owner of personal data;
  4. in other cases, defined by the laws of the Sri Lanka.
Daily News strives to keep your personal information from being accessed by unauthorized third parties by using reasonable means to safeguard it. However, as transfer of any kind of data over the internet is never 100 per cent secure, we cannot give you any guarantees and urge you to be cautious when disclosing sensitive information.
Daily News may update this Privacy policy periodically. We advise you to review this document from time to time. If you have any comments or enquiries, you are welcome to contact us using the Feedback form.